Acupuncture And Herbal Centre Penang

Acupuncture And Herbal Centre In PenangTan Chye Geok Acupuncturist Centre was established in mid-2009 by Ms. Tan Chye Geok, a qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in acupuncture, herbology and body-based adjustments. Shortly, another qualified TCM practitioner, Ms. Seow Geok Suat joined her.

Both Ms. Tan and Ms. Seow underwent similar trainings and certification programs. Contrary to common practices, they did as such was to enable constant deliberations and comparison of experiences on the same areas so as to enhance their skills.

They both specialize in pain therapy and management mainly but not limited to post stroke therapy, rheumatic pains, arthritis of the neck, joints, etc. and lumbago. Patients suffering from visual defects, migraine, insomnia, nasal problems and slimming issues do also consult with them.

Their ability to combine effectively the different techniques has provided them with an edge to enable faster and more  effective recovery. Effective combination in this instance would include accuracy of diagnosis of the problems at hand right up to the application of the relevant healing process in the right sequence, right combination and right frequency. Among the many techniques applied include Tui Na, acupuncture, fire cupping and body-based manipulation practices.

According to Ms. Tan, the diagnosis process is often equally important as the healing process itself. This importance has to be emphasized adequately to the patients as often, patients want to jump quickly into the healing part with the misconception that this will offer quicker relief and recovery. Unfortunately, this is the opposite.

There are also many instances where by hasting the diagnosis aspect, many pertinent symptoms and indications were overlooked thus prolonging the overall recovery time frame.

In addition, some obvious pain problems are sometimes not so obvious. In such instances, the pain problems could stem from growth or fibroids in the body whereby these growths create pressure on the nerves in the body, thereby the resulting pain in the body.

It is therefore very important to understand the healing process in totality in order to be able to ask the right questions and provide the right answers, identify the right symptoms, apply the right healing therapy and where necessary, prescribe the right herbal remedies for oral intake.