Moxibustion TCM Pain Therapy In Penang

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture And Moxibustion Pain Therapy In PenangMoxibustion plays an important role in TCM therapy. It is not uncommon to see acupuncturist applying moxibustion on patients during an acupuncture session.

The principles of moxibustion are very similar to acupuncture. Instead of using acupuncture needles to activate the flow of qi in the meridian channels, this technique uses heat generated from the burning of mugwort (a small, spongy herb) to facilitate healing on the meridian points. This technique is usually applied when qi is stagnated in the afflicted area, or when there are symptoms of dampness and/or cold in the meridian channels.

The objective of moxibustion is to use heat to stimulate the acupuncture points on the affected channels which, in turn, helps to eliminate dampness and/or cold in the body. This promotes the flow of qi and improves blood circulation. If stagnation along the meridian channels is the cause of pain, then moxibustion is one of those techniques that will yield good results. When people visit our acupuncture centre here in Penang, we will make a thorough assessment of the case to ascertain if moxibustion therapy is necessary.