Pain Therapy Services In Penang

Pain Therapy Services In PenangAre you experiencing body discomforts, pain and/or aches? You may think they are merely the results of daily physical activities but in many instances, they turn out to be symptoms of deeper issues in our body. Here, in Tan Chye Geok Acupuncturist Centre Penang, we are seeing more and more young patients complaining of back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, lumbago and migraine.

The main culprit to this phenomenon is attributed significantly to the present modern-day fast-paced lifestyle stresses. Advanced technology has no doubt brought us convenience but unfortunately, it has also resulted in higher stress levels in virtually every aspect of our lives. Coupled with the lack of complete overall physical activity, our body becomes easily susceptible to wear and tear and injuries resulting eventually in unpleasant pains and aches.

There are many different kinds of pain. For example, there are localized pain and non-localized pain. Sometimes the root causes can be easily identified but, at times, a thorough diagnosis is necessary to identify the culprits. There is an ancient saying among the Chinese herbalists that “blockages and/or stagnation lead to pain.” Since not all pains are due to blockages or stagnation, but this is something a Traditional Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist will consider during the course of diagnosis.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) looks at the body as a whole. During a diagnosis on a pain complain, the TCM practitioner will investigate the causes in addition to working to relieve the symptoms. Techniques used for pain therapy may include acupuncture, moxibustion, fire cupping and musculoskeletal adjustments (body manipulation massage), as well as prescribing oral and/or external application herbal formula. Sometimes people will experience a marked improvement after one or two sessions and sometimes, an immediate but extremely short period of increased discomfort before actual recovery kicks in. These are very common symptoms in the recovery process in TCM practice. However, there are cases where longer time is needed to bring the body back to balance.